A great many people have provided me with support and assistance in developing the Cantigas de Santa Maria for Singers website, and I'd like to express my thanks to the following...

  • My good friend and musical colleague Chris Elmes of Gaïta Medieval Music, for playing such an important role in the development of my appreciation of the Cantigas de Santa Maria, for his superb work on the translation of the music into modern notation, and for discussions, advice, suggestions and gin-and-tonics;
  • Marianne Perdomo, for allowing her copy of Mettmann to sit by my desk for four years, and her kindness in eventually letting me keep it;
  • Greg Lindahl for providing all of the excellent resources on his website, especially the manuscript facsimiles without which my early work would have been vastly more time-consuming;
  • José-Martinho Montero Santalha, professor of Galician Language and Literature at the University of Vigo, for his enthusiastic support for my work on the Cantigas, and for providing me with many excellent resources that have been absolutely invaluable to the project;
  • Stephen Parkinson and Rip Cohen for their kind words of encouragement in the early stages of my project.
  • All of my colleagues in the Gran Canaria-based medieval music ensemble Renouvel—Vicente la Camera, Rob Kortlang, Susy Rodríguez, Nisamar Díaz and Roxana Angulo—for being willing guinea-pigs in testing out the materials on this website and putting up so graciously with my nit-picking comments;
  • All the staff of the ‘Mediateca’ at the ULPGC library who manage the Lothar Siemens musicological collection, for their assistance with—and interest in—my work, and especially Ginés Cedrés for his constant remarks about needing a crane to lift the manuscript facsimiles;
  • Performers and academics alike who have taken the time to express their appreciation for the project by email, or on the Facebook page, not to mention those who were kind enough to press the ‘Like’ button;

Apologies to anybody I might have accidentally left out. Don't be shy—please let me know!

Johannes Gundisalvi
escrivan bien aventurado
seras de mi remenbrado

Quand' a hérva fresqu' e a folla ven
e a fror bróta no vergéu,
e o roussinol ben craramên
léva sa vóz no canto séu,
goi' hei de el, e goio hei da fror
goio de mi, e mais de mia sennor;
cercad' estou de goio e tẽudo
mais este goio todo ha vençudo.

Por mia dona, de seu cantigueiro.